When Should I Schedule Listing Photos?

Thinking of putting your home on the market next spring or summer?

You may be tempted to wait until winter has come and gone before you start getting your home ready for listing.

But that would mean photos of your home would be taken in late winter or early spring. We all know that means in New England: gray skies, muddy yards, and drab trees. 

When people are looking to buy a home, it is no surprise that they begin their search online. And what draws them into specific homes?


Professional photos are your home’s first impression for potential buyers, so it is important to do them right. For reasons why we always use a professional photographer, read this post.

When should listing photos be taken?

Listing photos that are most attractive are ones that are taken on beautiful days, with trees full of leaves. If you wait until the snow melts to get your photos taken, your property will look bare and obsolete. No matter how great a property is, it tends to look dull between winter and spring.

Homes that are sold in spring are listed in February and March – the worst time to schedule photos. If you want to sell your home by next summer, get ahead of everyone else with the same plan. Schedule your photos now, before the leaves fall.

What if I’m planning to renovate this winter?

If you are planning on using the winter months to make some renovations to the interior of your home, you can still make the most of the weather now. Simply clean up your yard and landscaping for exterior and aerial photos now, and schedule the interior pictures when updates are complete.

Schedule your photos – both interior and exterior – when you know lighting is best for your property. Remember, you want your home looking its best in the photos, and natural light is one way to make that happen.

Once you schedule photos, make sure your home looks its best! Read 5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Listing Photos.