Why You NEED Professional Photography to Sell Your Home

We know it can be frustrating to see your home on the market for countless days with little interest. Your agent may have numerous contacts and social media accounts, but without this one detail, your home will be at a disadvantage.

That detail? Professional photography.

With a little help from our friends at PlanOmatic, we are sharing with you the importance of professional photography. PlanOmatic is a company dedicated to providing the real estate industry with a vast network of photographers and individual marketing plans for every listing.

Here are five reasons to opt for professional photography when listing your home.

#1 Professional Photographers have a Top Notch Camera

Bob the real estate agent might have the new iPhone X, but it is still no match for a DSLR. Professional cameras have superior sensors and lenses that offer more detail and higher image quality. See the difference?

#2 Professional Photographers Know What to Look For

Photographers are experts at finding the perfect lighting, angles, and color for each room of your house. The right lighting and color balancing can completely change the look of a photo. Shooting inside is difficult and it is easy to change the hue of a wall without proper shooting techniques. Stephen Antoni, a Realtor with Lila Delman Real Estate, had this to say about his experience with a professional PlanOmatic Photographer:

“Our photographer is punctual, friendly; I’ve seen him do acrobatic feats to get particular photographs of the ocean, the clouds, and the tops of the houses. When people shop for homes, statistically 80-90% are looking online at the photography first and foremost. With the photography that PlanOmatic gives us, there’s no second guessing. It’s beautiful, it’s well thought-out, and it’s been commented on by just about every client we’ve had.”

#3 Listings with Professional Photography Sell Faster

According to PlanOmatic, listings with professional photography sell 32% faster! We are constantly bombarded with images through social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. The home with a perfectly edited photo is more likely to hold the attention of a home buyer.

Take it from a professional…

“Listings that are marketed with professional photography sell 32% faster than those without, yet we still see an alarming number of iPhone pictures plaguing the MLS. Professionals use expensive DSLR cameras, multiple exposure shooting techniques, and post-production retouching that cannot be replicated with DIY solutions. If a listing is getting stale on the market, try engaging a professional who specializes in getting buyers to imagine their future in the home.” -Kori Covrigaru, CEO, PlanOmatic

#4 Professional Photographers Know How to Edit

While we don’t suggest editing in a different color floor or wall, it is possible to do some slight retouching that can help highlight the best assets of your home. During winter, a professional can help make the grass look the vibrant green color it typically is in summer. Bob the real estate agent might make your grass look like the green slime from Nickelodeon.

#5 Motivation to Tidy Up

With a professional photographer coming you may be more inclined to tidy up.  A clean and organized home makes for more appealing photos. Additionally, too much clutter can make it difficult for a buyer to picture themselves in your home. So please make your bed! Yes, we have seen everything from dishes in the sink to unmade beds on listing photography day.

Now that you know professional photography contributes to how quickly your home sells, we suggest getting in contact with an agent or a team who employs skilled photographers like the ones found at PlanOmatic. Here at One and Company, we routinely work with PlanOmatic to ensure each listing has an attention grabbing portfolio of images. Click Here to talk to an agent.

Have you seen the advantage professional photography can provide? Comment below!