Should I hold an Open House?

Some agents may talk you out of holding an Open House because they don’t believe they hold enough value to get your house sold. And that is true – a passive approach to hosting an Open House will not be beneficial.

But One + Company is not passive about anything. With an active marketing approach, the amount of visibility your home receives is beneficial – even if your buyer doesn’t show up to the Open House.

Added Exposure

You can only tell a story so many times. Depending on who you list with, your agent may create “Coming Soon,” “Just Listed,” and “For Sale” campaigns. Hosting an Open House is another way to tell the story of your home, increasing the marketing exposure of your property.  When marketed correctly, an open house creates a buzz both in your neighborhood and with potential buyers.

Leading up to an Open House, your listing agent should be getting the word out to as many people as possible. Direct mail invites and online distribution have become the norm, but you should ask what your agent does in addition to that.

Combining time-tested strategies with advanced technology helps to ensure your home is getting exposure. Cold calling and door knocking help to build awareness in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. This means that if your neighbors know of anyone looking to move, they will help spread the word. Targeted ads on social media are able to reach people who are actively searching for homes online.

Follow Up

During the Open House, visitors to sign in on an iPad, which allows us to follow up. An established, professional agent at your home will know how to talk to visitors to determine if they are real buyers. This means the agent will ask the right questions to determine if the potential buyers are pre-approved, in the right price range, and are serious about buying right now. From there, we continue to follow up with potential buyers through phone calls and text invitations. This allows us to get feedback on your house and encourage offers to be made.

Your Home May Not Sell at the Open House

We don’t always find your buyer at the Open House, but we do gain maximum exposure with all that goes into the marketing package. Some buyers first notice the home through an Open House advertisement and schedule a private showing with their buyer’s agent. Others hear about the home for sale through neighbors we spoke with while door knocking.

Open Houses are always at the seller’s discretion. You can request when, and how many, Open Houses are held. Make the most of your Open House by determining what your real estate agent does for an Open House Package, and prepare your home to show at its best.