How to Find the Right Listing Agent

Selling your home this spring? Have you started interviewing agents?

NOW is the time to hire your listing agent. Finding the right agent – one that resonates with you – will allow you to feel confident throughout the process of selling your home.

Real estate agents, like most salespeople, can get a bad reputation. That’s why it is so important to work with someone who not only knows the market, but honors your time, has stellar negotiating skills, and is someone you can trust.

With home-selling sites, you may wonder if you even need a realtor to sell your home. Keep in mind a listing agent does more than upload your home to the right website. Hiring the right agent saves you time, stress, and money.  Serving as your guide, a real estate professional will help you navigate through questions, paperwork, and showing appointments. Your agent will negotiate and communicate terms on your behalf. In addition, the right listing agent will ensure your home gets exposed to the right people by marketing for today’s world.

Use the checklist below to narrow down your search to the agent who best fits your needs.  

  • Ask for referrals from people you trust. Narrow down this list to agents who have worked in your area.
  • Do some of your own online research. Take a look at the credentials, experience, and expertise of Realtors and their team.
  • Meet with more than one agent.
  • Ask about marketing strategies.
  • Get perspective on listing price, what repairs need to be made, and estimates on how long the house will be on the market.

If the agents you met with don’t feel like the right fit, keep looking. Settling for someone just to get your home listed sooner may cause issues down the road.

As you meet with agents, listen to who is giving you honest advice, compared to those who just tell you what you want to hear. Also, pay attention to who responds in a timely manner. Agents who are readily available and consistent with communication alleviate a lot of stress when you begin showing and negotiating your home.

Ready to start your search?

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