Will this Myth get your Home Sold?

The Myth of Burying a St. Joseph Statue

“St. Joseph helped me sell my house!” 

Chances are, you know somebody who says that by burying a statue of St. Joseph in their yard is the reason their home sold. Their house may have sat on the market for months. Frustrated, they decided to try out the old myth of burying a statue of St. Joseph in their yard. 

The result? It sold instantly! (Oftentimes, we find that a price reduction coincided with the burial of the figure, but whatever gets the house sold, right?)

No one really knows how this myth came about, but we do know it became widely popular in the 1990s. People of all religions and beliefs started purchasing statues of the Saint at churches and in stores; even some real estate agents bought the small fixture in bulk to give to their sellers. 

For the most part, the myth goes like this:

  • Buy a small statue of St. Joseph 
  • Bury the figure in the yard 
  • Say a prayer
  • Watch your house sell
  • Once sold, dig the statue up and place in your new home.

Like most superstitions, there are several different versions. They all include burying the statue, but the correct placement changes, depending on who you ask. Some say it is best to wrap the statue in a protective cloth. Some say to bury the statue upside down, facing the house. Others say it must be buried near the For Sale sign. 

While the myth is one that homeowners have believed in for years, at One + Company, we prefer to rely on strategy and skill instead of superstition. Here are four must-dos when listing your house for sale:

1. Priced to Sell

Selecting an asking price for the house you are selling depends on the market, not necessarily how much money you have put into the home. By reviewing comps, analyzing the current market in your location, and taking a look at the features of your house, you and your real estate agent can determine a number that will be enticing to buyers. 

2. Marketing Exposure

If the house is not exposed to buyers in your marketplace, it will not sell. We are not talking about simply listing the home on the MLS and Zillow, either. With real estate sites getting new listings every day, yours could get overlooked utilizing this strategy alone. With the right marketing exposure, your house will be in a position to sell. 

3. Stage to Sell

Staging your home is essential, as it gives potential buyers the ability to see themselves living in your house. By removing clutter, eliminating personal belongings, and arranging furniture and decor in a way that highlights the best features of your home, it will be much more appealing to those looking to buy. 

4. Get Professional Listing Photos

No one is enticed to see a home if the online photos are blurry, dark, or worse yet – taken from an agent’s cell phone. Listing photos are the first impression people will have of your house, and if they don’t like what they see, they won’t visit in person. Make sure the professional photos represent the best attributes of the house, without making unrealistic expectations. 

If as a homeowner, you want to bury St. Joseph in your yard when listing your house for sale, there is no harm in that. Just make sure you and your listing agent implement the above tactics as well. 

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