What’s FREEky Friday?

One + Company has been giving away gift cards to Connecticut establishments every week since June 2018. But why?

At One + Company, we believe in supporting our community. We love to see independent businesses thrive. Our best experiences often happen at places that are invested in their customers and the town they reside in. So, it makes sense to feature some of our favorites every week. We get to showcase different establishments, we find out what our followers love, and someone receives a gift card every week. We’d say that is a win-win-win.

With FREEky Friday, we highlight four establishments a week. By tagging a friend in the comments, followers get the chance to win a gift card to one of the four choices that week. Monday morning, we select the winner using “the pickeraroo” – a random comment picker for Facebook, found at commentpicker.com. We then get and mail out the gift card to the lucky winner!

So far, we have featured establishments with amazing lobster rolls, donut shops, breweries, coffee shops, and more! Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook to have a chance to win every Friday!

What do you want to see featured during FREEky Friday giveaways? Let us know below!