What You Need to Know About Selling During a Seller’s Market

With low inventory and high demand, homes in Connecticut continue to move very quickly – and for top dollar. 

While this is great news for those planning to sell in the coming months, there are still some things you should know about selling in today’s market. Keep reading for our tips to make sure you are fully prepared to sell. 

Major Renovations Aren’t Required 

One of the first things sellers consider before listing their home is renovations. According to the 2020 Cost Vs Value Report, it’s unlikely that you will fully recoup the costs of any remodeling projects. This year, the majority of renovations had less than 78% return of investment. 

With the number of buyers who are searching for a home today, many are willing to overlook outdated finishes and cosmetic repairs. If you are considering any renovations, speak with your real estate agent to learn if they will add any value to your home. 

…But you Still Need to Prep Your Home

While you may not to do any heavy lifting, it’s still important to present your home in its best light. As you get ready for listing photos and putting your home of the market, do a deep clean and declutter all the rooms in your home. You may also want to do some light staging in order to highlight your home’s best features. 

Prepare for Numerous Showings

Buyers are moving quickly in the market! Expect requests for multiple showings the first week after listing your home. While it can be inconvenient to leave your house for buyer showings, this phase won’t last long! Keep your home organized and your schedule flexible so you are able to come and go more easily.

Have a Plan for What’s Next

Do you know where you’ll be moving to if your home goes under contract in a week? Having a backup plan is always a good idea. While many buyers are willing to work with your timeline in a seller’s market, you’ll want to close in a reasonable time frame. 

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