What Homebuyers Want in 2021

We all know home buyers are on the search. While it may seem like they will go for any listing that comes to the market, there are properties – and home features – that stand out. 

Over the past year, priorities have shifted due to a range of factors. Many people have adapted to working and schooling from home, making space a priority. But what else are people looking for?

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducts a yearly survey to determine what features home buyers look for in a home. Keep reading for most and least desirable home features from NAHB’s 2021 What Home Buyers Really Want report. 

Most Desirable Home Features

NAHB’s report surveyed 3,000 recent home shoppers and buyers. As people look to expand their living spaces, here are the top 12 features considered essential when buying a home:

Home Feature% Who Consider it Essential
Laundry Room87%
Exterior Lighting87%
Ceiling Fan83%
Energy Star rated windows83%
Double Kitchen Sink (side-by-side)81%
Walk-in Pantry81%
Front Porch81%
Energy Star rated appliances81%
Hardwood Flooring81%
Full Bath on the Main Level80%
Energy-efficient lighting80%

The survey also broke down desirable features for different parts of the home. Here are the top things buyers are looking for the kitchen, outdoor living, accessibility, and technology: 

Top Kitchen Features

  1. Double sink (side-by-side)
  2. Walk-in pantry
  3. Table space for eating
  4. Central island
  5. Water filtration

Top Outdoor Features

  1. Exterior lighting
  2. Patio
  3. Front porch
  4. Rear porch
  5. Deck

Top Accessibility Features

  1. Full bath on the main level
  2. Doorways at least 3 feet wide
  3. Hallways at least 4 feet wide
  4. Non-slip floor surfaces
  5. An entrance without steps

Top Technology Features

  1. Programmable thermostat
  2. Security cameras
  3. Video doorbell
  4. Wireless home security system
  5. Multi-zone HVAC system

Least Essential Home Features

Of course, there are also features that buyers don’t want. According to the report, here are the least desirable features in a home or complex:

Home Feature% Who Consider it Least Desirable
Glass Walls54%
Daycare Center in the Development50%
Wine Cellar48%
Pet Washing Station47%
Roof partially or completely covered by plants46%
Golf Course46%
In-law suite42%
Cork flooring (on the main level)41%
Dual toilets in primary bath40%

What features are a must-have in your next home? Let us know!