Stop Your Home From Depreciating

Even in a seller’s market, homeowners should be aware of the laundry list of factors within their control that can negatively affect the value of their homes. Especially if you’re ever planning to sell, make sure to stay on top of maintenance to avoid your home depreciating in value. This week, we’ve outlined a list of things to routinely look out for to prevent trouble in the future.

Mold & Bug Infestation

These issues are noticeable to anyone living in a home but also have the potential to destroy a house and blow up a sale at the same time. Mold can be toxic, and bugs can eat away at the foundation of a home and even collapse it in extreme cases. If you suspect you have any infestations, seek help from a professional fumigation service immediately. 

Weather Damage

Damage to the roof or any other part of the home during a storm should be evaluated by a roofer in a timely fashion. Problems with a roof can develop relatively quickly, so the sooner damage is repaired, the less likely it will cost a fortune in the long run. 


Renovations that aren’t up to code or done illegally will result in financial strain. Make sure any significant improvements are made up to code with a licensed professional. 

Structural Problems

Structural problems cost a ton of money, and no buyer wants to take on that kind of financial responsibility. Make sure to routinely assess your roof, foundation, and sill regularly to avoid any big surprises when you decide to sell. 

Bad Smells

Smoke and pet smell bring down a home’s value. Deal with these problems promptly and keep up routine deep cleaning in your home. 

Deteriorating Landscape

A home may be great on the inside, but people judge books by their cover. If it looks like you don’t take care of a property, the perceived value goes down significantly. This includes yard work, outside paint jobs, and any other features outside your home that may be labeled an eyesore. 

Minor Issues

Noticeable problems during a showing make people more concerned with how a homeowner deals with larger issues. For example, chipped paint, a door that doesn’t latch right, rotted trim, and little leaks all show a buyer that the home isn’t cared for on a fundamental level. 


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