What are everyONE + Company Events?

Last month, we hosted our first everyONE + Company Event with Page Hardware. 

Past clients, colleagues, and homeowners gathered in our Guilford office to learn the latest in paint trends, test out their favorite colors, enjoy refreshments, and connect with others. 

If you missed out, don’t worry! We will be hosting a themed event EVERY MONTH!

Why start everyONE + Company Events?

Toward the end of 2019, we came together as a team and brainstormed ways to connect with our community.

We love being real estate agents because we love working with people.

Typically, we work with clients one on one. 

We thought, “How can we gather with the people we work with AND involve other local businesses so that we can all learn and level up together?”

That is when the idea of everyONE + Company Events began. 

What are the events?

One thing we agreed upon from the start: 

We want each event to have a purpose. 

Instead of a client appreciation party, we open our events to all who are interested. 

And we want everyone who attends to walk away with new knowledge, skills, and connections within the community. 

Each quarter, we comprise a series of events that surround a theme. For example, Quarter 1 of 2020 is all about Preparing Your Home for Spring:

Who can attend?


Quarter 1 events are for people who are thinking of putting their home on the market in the spring, homeowners who are looking for a refresh, and people who love staying on top of the latest in designs and trends. 

Each quarter, we will be mindful of the topics we choose, so that whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, or renter, you will find value in each event. 

Who do you partner with?

For each event, we partner up with a local business or area expert who can provide value on the topic. 

We are sticking to what we know best: real estate. At each event, we’ll let other professionals handle the topics where they hold expertise. 

How much do the events cost?

Nothing! Come as you are, and enjoy some refreshments while you learn something new. 

Do you have a topic you want us to cover or a local business we should connect with? 

Let us Know!