Should You Paint Your Front Door?

Let’s talk curb appeal. You know it’s important. But perhaps you don’t have the time – or the budget – to revamp the entire exterior. Simply painting your front door can enhance curb appeal, and it’s a DIY project you can complete in a day. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for the do’s and don’ts of choosing a front door color.

Do: Consider Your Home’s Style

Do you live in a traditional, contemporary, or modern home? The layout of your home can help you select a color that speaks to your overall style. A modern home might allow for a bold color. However, if you want to stay on the traditional side, you can still do something a bit different with a black door or a wood door with a dark stain. 

Don’t: Be Afraid Of Color

Even in a traditional home, you can add color to your exterior. For example, a bright yellow or green creates an energizing entrance, while teal or blue is more calming. Think about the statement you want to make as a first impression, and select a color to represent that. 

Do: Get The Right Paint

Exterior paint is essential for your front door, even if you have a covered front porch. Over time, the door will be exposed to many different elements, and the right paint prevents peeling and fading. To ensure your color lasts, start with an exterior primer before putting the color on. 

Don’t: Forget About Finish

Color isn’t the only thing to think about when painting your door. Exterior paint comes in many different finishing, including matte, semigloss, and glossy.

Do: Stick To One Color

Keep the entrance monochrome if you want to make your home look bigger. You can make your entrance appear larger by painting the door, trim, and window frames the same color. 

Don’t: Skip The Details

Consider the entire entrance to your home. This includes door trim, a screen door, and even the lighting fixtures next to the front door. If you don’t want to go monochrome, make sure these features complement your new door color for a beautiful contrast.