Should You Buy a Home With an In-Law Suite?

On average, adding an in-law suite to a home can cost anywhere from $14,600 to $41,600. With the high cost of adding an in-law suite, it’s often less expensive to invest in a home that already includes this feature.

When searching for a house, you may be deterred from the increased cost that an in-law suite adds, but there are several ways you can use the space aside from its literal name. We’ve outlined a few uses for an in-law suite that will make the extra investment worthwhile.

Create a Home Office

With many people working remotely, there has been an increased need for suitable workspaces within the home. In-law suites can become the perfect home office, with tons of space and quiet away from distractions. Using a home office can help you escape any noise or activity generated in other rooms of your home, such as the living room or kitchen, and work comfortably without interruption throughout the day.

Rent it Out

In today’s day and age, renting out an extra space can be done in a few clicks. Make some extra money by listing the space as a rental, or even offer the space to a friend or acquaintance who’s been looking for an all-inclusive, affordable place to live. Additionally, you can also use an in-law suite for guests you host for any period of time.

House an Older Child

An in-law sweet can serve as the perfect living space for a teenager or college student that wants more privacy. Consider providing them with their own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette to prepare them for independent living.


When looking into purchasing a home, many people don’t acknowledge the versatility and opportunity that an in-law suite has. Don’t neglect the potential of purchasing a home with this feature and contact us with any questions you may have while in the process of searching for a home!