Sellers: Highlight Your Storage Space

Homeowners require storage space. Whether it’s a starter home or one for a growing family, storage is an important part of buyers’ checklists. 

It’s not just about having a basement or attic – buyers want to know that there are closets and cabinets throughout the home that make it easy to keep the home clean and organized, while still being able to house all of their belongings. 

Keep reading to learn how you can highlight the storage space in your home when preparing for showings. 

Clean and Declutter

As you clean the rest of your home, don’t make the mistake of shoving more things into your closets! When doing walkthroughs, potential buyers will open doors and cabinets to see how much space there is to store their belongings. 

To begin, clear out all items from your cabinets, closets, and other storage areas. Starting with an empty space, clean the shelves, walls, and floor. Then, decide what items you still need on an everyday basis, and neatly organize them in your storage areas. Everything else can be packed up, tossed, or donated!

Fresh and Functional 

Even the insides of storage space can be spruced up! If your closets or cabinets are dark and dingy, consider a fresh coat of paint. White paint brightens storage space, and can make it appear more spacious. 

You can also add shelving to closets, making the space more functional for everyday needs. New shelves can be a quick DIY project, and while it seems like a minor fix, potential buyers always appreciate increased storage.

Stage Your Storage

Yes, even your storage can be staged! Chances are, you’ve seen a Pinterest picture of a perfectly organized pantry or closet. Since the first step includes packing away as many of your belongings as you can, it makes it easier to stage what is rest. Stackable containers make any closet look neat, and you can bring them to your new home. 

Built-ins and open shelving should also be staged. Add a few pieces of decor or pops of color that will highlight the shelves. This adds some character to your home, while letting potential buyers know that there is ample storage.