One and Company is Closer To Free

On season two of Hold The Mayo, Byron Lazine and Nicole White have been taking two bites into lobster rolls from all across Connecticut. 

In the latest episode, they’ve called us to action! Coming up is Closer to Free Ride’s 11th annual fundraiser. 

This year, to continue supporting Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center, the event will take place virtually. Here’s what you need to know about Closer to Free Ride and how you can get involved. 

About Closer To Free Ride

Closer to Free Ride is filled with many riders, volunteers, and supporters coming together to face a common enemy: cancer. 

The organization started its first ride in 2011, where it generated over $21 million in hopes of supporting the battle against cancer. Since then, Closer to Free Ride has continued its mission to end this battle by donating 100% of funds raised to Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center

The two cancer centers will work together to provide the best quality patient-centered care. Together they have achieved many breakthrough discoveries while also training future leaders in cancer science. Their support goes to survivors at the Smilow Cancer Hospital and the Phase I Clinical Trial Program at Yale Cancer Center.

With the money raised through Closer to Free Ride and then handed over, Phase I will expand upon the number of trials available to patients. The money earned will also support the Survivorship Clinic with Smilow Cancer Hospital and its efforts in personalized wellness education, follow-up planning, nutritional counseling, and other necessary services.

How To Get Involved

Along with many of our core values, we believe in integrity and family. As a team, One & Company is the official bib sponsor of the 11th annual on September 11th. While the journey to help raise money will be virtual, the One & Company Team will continue to support the event. Some of our team members will also ride side by side along with other supporters and riders. 

But that’s not enough: do your part and support the cause! If you would like to ride, register or donate, it’s a $250 fundraising minimum for adult riders and $100 for youth or student riders. With your help and support, Closer to Free Ride will be closer to its yearly goal. 

To learn more about Closer to Free Ride and their help to beat cancer, click here.