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Some sellers will do whatever it takes to sell a house.

Others prefer the perfect fit. They are, after all, selling the place where they have made memories for years. 

When those memories are tied to endless summer days spent exploring an island, playing in the water, and quality time with family, it makes saying goodbye bittersweet. 

That’s why Ryan Casey knew he had to help his sellers find the right buyers for a summer cottage on Clam Island. 

A Phone Call

Ryan first called the owners of the cottage when he saw that it had been on the market four times since 2014. 

And four times, the listing expired before an acceptable offer was received. 

After speaking with Ryan on the phone, the sellers agreed to meet for a presentation. Impressed with the marketing plan and Ryan’s suggestions,  they signed a contract that day. 

Working on Island Time

Real estate agents work to ensure that property is listed at the most opportune time. 

Listing photos need to be scheduled to showcase the interior and exterior in the best light. Going live on the MLS is timed so buyer agents immediately take notice. Plus, the listing agent needs to be prepared and available to schedule showings. 

And that is just for a typical listing. 

Now, add in the elements of an island home. First, a boat is required to get to the property. More significantly, the main dock on the island is taken out for the winter. 

Since Ryan first met the sellers at the end of the summer, they decided to wait until April, when the dock is put back in, to list the house. But Ryan knew if they waited until the start of spring for photos, trees would be bare, resulting in bleak exterior shots. 

So he got to work immediately. A boat was taken out to get professional photographs of the interior, aerial images with a drone, and a listing video. This captured the house and island during its prime season, with blue skies, open waters, and lush greenery. Planning ahead with photos helped make the property more appealing in spring. 

Interested Investors

Once listed for sale, there was some interest right away. For each showing, Ryan contacted the head of maintenance for the island and scheduled a water taxi to the property. 

The showings were going well, but there was one problem.

All interested parties were investors. They saw the house as an opportunity for a summer rental property. 

The sellers however, saw things differently. 

After years of retreating to the summer house, the entire family had lasting memories of the island. It was important to them that the buyers cherish the summer cottage as much as they did. 

So, Ryan continued marketing the home, looking for the right fit.

The End of the Season

The summer came and went without a buyer. 

As the sellers prepared to winterize the cottage, Ryan received a call from California. The man, originally from Milford, wanted to see the property. 

Ryan got him to the house the first week of October, days before the dock came out for the season. 

Although he was from California, this was just the type of buyer they were looking for. Growing up in the area, he continues to spend time in Connecticut each year, and wanted a summer vacation spot for his family. 

Ryan encouraged him to write a letter to the sellers expressing his interest, along with an offer, which was submitted from California on Halloween. 

The sellers, now located in Florida, were thrilled with terms of the offer: all cash and ready to close. But even more importantly, they knew this was the buyer they were looking for. 

So, working with his clients located on two different coasts, Ryan made sure both parties were happy with the deal, and the purchase agreement was signed in a matter of minutes. 

The new owners will begin making their own island memories this summer. 


We believe it’s important for you to see the other side, this series is for you to learn the ins and outs of the real estate industry. We dissect why some homes sell when others don’t, what agents do behind the scenes, and what homeowners do that benefit – or sometimes destroy – the transaction.

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