Most Important Home Improvement Projects For Spring Sellers

As we start to look towards the January 2023 market, it’s a good idea for sellers to be aware of the home improvement projects that will add the most value to their homes. According to data from Zillow and Thumbtack, sellers spend around $5,400 on home improvements before listing their homes for sale. Here are the improvements that will help your home sell this spring. 

Interior Painting

Coming in first place for the most important home renovation project for sellers to complete before listing their home is interior painting. According to data from Thumbtack, 40% of successful sellers repainted their home’s interiors. According to Zillow’s home trends expert, Amanda Pendleton, a fresh coat of paint in the right color can signal that a home is well-maintained and contemporary to potential buyers. While sellers may be reluctant to shell out the average of $1,432 for painting, it can pay off big time by helping a home sell faster or for more money.

Carpet Cleaning

The second most profitable home improvement project is having the interior carpets of a home professionally cleaned. 35% of sellers who sold their homes within the past two years invested in professional carpet cleaning, which on average only costs around $175, but can make a massive difference in the aesthetics of a home. 


Landscaping is another home improvement project that can help out sellers big time this spring. Of course, curb appeal has always been a massively important factor for selling a home, so the average cost of around $3,782 is a no-brainer for sellers. 


74% of 2022 sellers cite these home improvement projects as a huge help in getting their homes under contract, with the cost of these services combined averaging about $5,488. Need help getting your home ready for sale? Contact us today!