Is Minimalism Right For You?

Minimalism is the newest interior design trend taking the internet by storm. It includes paring down possessions to only the essentials. Many people gravitate towards minimalism to improve mental health, become more environmentally friendly, and make cleaning easy. Deciding to design your home around minimalism requires much decluttering but is the secret to a tidy and aesthetically pleasing oasis. Here are a few questions to ask yourself about redecorating before you commit to minimalism and some inspiration to get you started. 

Does Constant Cleaning Wipe You Out?

Minimalism could be the solution to a constantly messy house. Simply put, the less stuff you have, the harder it is for a home to become cluttered and messy. In addition, the aesthetics of minimalism feature many elements that are low maintenance. 

How Attached Are You To Your Home Decor? 

With a minimalist style home, you’ll be forced to get rid of a lot of decor, which can be difficult. The upside? Selling the things you don’t need in good condition will accomplish your goal while putting some extra cash in your pocket. 

Do You Find Yourself Constantly Stressed At Home? 

For many, a space in disarray can actually cause a lot of extra stress. Minimalism has the potential to limit distraction and make your home a more soothing place. 

Do You Want To Be More Eco-Friendly?

The minimalist design helps to reduce the impact homes have on the environment. By being more mindful of the things you own, and upcycling items that fit into your minimalist space, you can do your part to reduce the amount of waste in the world. 

Our Favorite Minimalist Decors Right Now:


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