Downsizing Tips

Big houses are great for making memories, raising families, and hosting big gatherings in their prime. But in other chapters of life, a big house becomes too much work and money. Despite all the benefits of downsizing, some people are still hesitant to move into a smaller, more manageable home. This week, we’re giving you all of the advice you need to downsize with ease. 

Consult a Financial Planner

Utilizing the services of a financial planner will help you determine how to leverage your assets to buy your next home while staying comfortable. The Raveis Purchase program may be an option, as it’s a hassle-free service for a home-seller in a hurry. William Raveis will purchase your home, enabling you to unlock your home equity to make a confident, non-contingent offer on your next home. You won’t miss out on your dream home!

Meet With An Agent

A real estate agent will help you learn what your current home is worth and can be critical in guiding you through the complicated process of downsizing without a hitch. Contact us today to talk through your options with one of our agents.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Perhaps the most daunting task of any move, decluttering in preparation to downsize, comes with its own set of challenges. Prepare to throw away ALOT of items, but try to enjoy the feeling that comes along with getting rid of unnecessary old junk! Check out our blog on decluttering here!

Ask For Help

Downsizing is no easy task. Ask your agent to help you connect with cleaners, professional organizers, stagers, and other necessary vendors. 


Ready to downsize? Contact us today to get connected with one of our agents!