Connecticut Named a Top State to Raise a Family

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Love where you live!

We’re not the only ones who are enamored by Connecticut. recently named Connecticut as one of the 10 Best States to Raise a Family 2021.

Factors Examined in the Study

Every year, parents are faced with the decision of where to raise their children. Parents want to ensure their children are safe, happy, and receive an excellent education. Of course, a child’s upbringing goes beyond public school systems. 

To determine the 10 Best States to Raise a Family, examined nine factors in a recent study:

  1. Academic performance
  2. Availability of youth/student checking accounts
  3. Overall affordability
  4. College affordability
  5. Crime safety
  6. Access to daycare
  7. Child Health
  8. Kid-friendly neighborhood amenities
  9. Broadband availability

Where Connecticut Lands

Connecticut came in as the Number 4 State to raise a family in 2021! Although more expensive than some other states on the list, it ranked in the top ten for acadmeic performance, youth checking availability, safety, and daycare availability. 

Here’s a complete rundown of how Connecticut ranks:

  • Overall Rank: 4
  • Overall Affordability Rank: 43
  • Academic Performance Rank: 9
  • Access to Youth Checking Accounts Rank: 10
  • College Affordability Rank: 45
  • Safety from Violent Crime Rank: 3
  • Availability of Daycare Rank: 5
  • Child Health Rank: 15
  • Neighborhood Amenities Rank: 14
  • Broadband Connectivity Rank: 12

Changing Seasons

As a New England state, Connecticut experiences all four seasons. While this is not on the list, the change in seasons increases the types of amenities and outdoor activities available for children. 

Being a mom of three and having three stepchildren from ages 11 – 26, one of the biggest benefits of raising my kids in Connecticut is the change in seasons. There are so many different activities to experience. From wintertime skiing, snowboarding, and sledding to hiking and parks in the spring. Summertime is great for pools and beaches and fall for fairs, festivals, and watching the leaves change. There’s always something new to explore in CT! 

Carrie Vass Brainerd, One + Company

Top Ten States to Raise a Family

Connecticut isn’t the only northeast state to make the top 10! Take a look at the complete list of top states to raise a family:

  1. New Jersey
  2. (tie) Massachusetts
  3. (tie) Utah
  4. Connecticut
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Wyoming
  7. (tie) Flordia
  8. (tie) Wisconsin
  9. Ohio
  10. New York