Businesses and People Coming Together for their Communities

There are so many businesses are stepping up for their communities and employees. Working with less, doing more, and continuously adapting to the needs of the community. 

Inspired by their innovation and commitment to the greater good, we’re highlighting a few that caught our attention this week. 

Cilantro Specialty Foods & Coffee Roasters

The owners at Cilantro have transformed their restaurant to a grocery store. They are also using the kitchen to cook meals for New Haven’s Columbus House, a nonprofit organization that provides meals to the homeless.

New London School Nurses

Jayne Hill and Maureen Basler are two New London school nurses who are now working at testing sites. 

The Lee Company

The Lee Company in Westbrook ordered 125 gift cards from Chip’s Pub III in Clinton to distribute to their employees. 

Bio-Med Devices

Employees at Bio-Med Devices are working overtime as they build ventilators to meet worldwide demand. 


Earlier this week, Foxwoods donated 22,000 pounds of food to the United Way. 

We know we’re missing a lot! Do you know of a local business innovating during this time? Let us know in the comments!