The Benefits of Installing a Backyard Shed

Do you find yourself strapped for storage space in your garage? Is there not quite enough room to fit all of your tools? Consider installing or renovating an existing backyard shed. We’ve outlined different types of storage sheds, uses for them, and overall advantages to owning one.

Benefits of Backyard Sheds

Sheds are highly customizable to suit your needs. The size of the shed can range from a small storage space to a building big enough to be converted into an accessory dwelling unit. Sheds can also be customized with various types of shelving, different sorts of hooks and hangers, and windows and doors. There are an array of benefits to adding a shed to your property:

  • Increase the worth of your home 
  • Help to declutter your garage or basement 
  • Protect tools and appliances like lawnmowers from the elements
  • Great play space for children
  • Accent your yard
  • Can be used as a doghouse
  • Serve as a small guesthouse when renovated
  • Sheds can be portable and transported if you move

Types of Storage Sheds

When you opt to add a shed to your backyard, you have to decide whether your want it to be custom built to your needs or manufactured. A custom-built shed is a great option for people who are particular about the exact dimensions and features of the structure and want it to match their home. A manufactured shed can be ordered from most big-box home stores and typically is made of wood, resin, or metal. Many places will deliver and install the shed for you, which saves lots of time and energy on your part. Here are a few of the most popular sheds of the past year.

Gambrel Sheds

A Gambrel-style shed has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Gambrel sheds allow for lots of headspace due to the steeply sloped roofing. This extra space can be utilized to build a loft or attic in the shed which maximizes storage.  This type of shed is ideal for storing cars or creating a large workspace, which saves the work of constructing that extra fourth wall!


A lean-to shed is commonly built onto the side of the home, hence its name. This type of shed is easy to build on an existing wall of your home. Lean-to sheds are a great place to store items you use often such as a grill or lawnmower.  While you can create them as a freestanding structure, they are much more popular attached to your home, garage, or other building as this means that you only need to build the three remaining sides and a sloping roof. 


Metal sheds can be made from aluminum, steel, or iron. People opt for metal sheds because they are sturdy, long-lasting, and very durable. Metal sheds are insect and fireproof and can withstand mold, fungus, and moss growth. They offer safety against the elements and security against theft, which makes them an attractive option for many homeowners. The only drawback to this type of shed is that it is easily dented by falling branches or other impacts and the metal roof cannot handle as much snow as a typical roof.


Sheds are an affordable addition to your yard that can help to declutter your spaces and accent your backyard nicely. Have questions about installing a shed or want to find a home that already includes one? Contact us today!