A Long-Time Goal: $101M in Sales

Before the pandemic,

Before 2020 began,

Even before One + Company was formed, there was a vision:

Build a team that exceeds $100 Million in sales. 

The Start

$100 Million was a tangible goal we always knew we wanted to achieve, but the start of One + Company is much less glamorous. 

Our first office was in the basement of the team leader’s parents’ house. 

Our first recruiting effort was a poorly pitched (though thankfully accepted) offer. 

In 2018, our first full year, we reached $39.4 Million in sales. In 2019, $56.5 Million.

Despite those humble beginnings, every day over the past three years, we’ve strived to get a little better than the day before:

Better training. Better marketing. Better with follow up, execution, and communication. That work led us to 2020. 


Every fall, we compile individual agent goals to create the One + Company team goal. This year, the team goal matched our original vision: over $100 Million in sales. We knew we had our work cut out for us and started the year strong. 

And then – well, we all know what happened in March. 

With the entire world at a standstill, we cut back on expenses, said goodbye to our first office, turned our attention to our families and our clients, and continued to push forward, always looking to get better than the day before. 

At that point, every agent on the team could have given up, but that’s not what makes us #thehardestworkingteam.

Quickly, the Connecticut market shifted once again, and we implemented protocols to serve our clients and community in new times. We shifted our vision back to providing the very best service in Connecticut, and the chance of hitting $100 Million came into our sights once more. 

With just over two weeks left in 2020, and three years since forming the team, One + Company hit $101 Million in sales. 

This is our moment of celebration: not for the number, but for the work, determination, and dedication that every member of the team puts forth every day. For the clients we’re fortunate to work with, and the people who continue to support us. 

And now, please excuse us. 

We have another goal to hit, and hard work is the only thing that will get us there.