6 Tips for Moving in the Winter

So far this December, One + Company agents had 22 houses close or go under contract. Buyers are out and looking this winter, which means properties are selling.

It also means people need to prepare to move during the winter months. 

Here are some tips to get you ready to move in colder weather. 

Organize and Declutter

No matter what type of weather you are moving in, the more organized you are, the less stressful moving day will be. 

Before packing up, sort items into categories: keep, sell, and donate (or toss). Clearing out unneeded items, particularly from storage, means you will have less to move and less to store in your new home. 

Once you know what you are bringing with you, stay organized by labeling boxes and identifying which essential items you will need first. If you are hiring movers, keep your essentials in your vehicle, so you know exactly where they are.

Make sure Heat and Utilities are Working

Before moving day, make sure that heat, lights, and utilities are in working order. With the doors opening and closing all day long, you don’t have to keep the heat on high (all that heat will escape through the door). Knowing that when you turn it on at night it will quickly heat the house will give you peace of mind throughout the move. 

Watch the Weather

Winter in New England means that snow and ice storms can happen at any time. Continue to watch the weather as you get closer to moving day. Have a backup date in the instance that you cannot safely move due to the weather. 

Communicate with Movers

As you watch the weather and get closer to moving day, stay in communication with the movers. Professional movers are used to working in all types of weather, and they will tell you of any issues they foresee and what you need to do to prepare. Also, check with your movers about any items they cannot move. Some movers can’t transfer cleaning supplies, paint, or hazardous materials from one place to another. 

Clear Driveway and Walkways

Clear the driveways and walkways of both homes – the one you are moving out of and the one you are moving into. Make sure all paths to the house are wide, so movers have enough space when bringing in larger furniture. If icy, put down sand or salt to eliminate slips and keep everyone safe. 

Cover Floors

With people in and out of the homes all day, it’s easy to track in salt, sand, and remnants of snow. Protect floors by laying down plastic tarps inside and floor mats outside each door. 

Do you have tips for moving in the winter? Share them below!

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